Hibiscus is grown for AGRIFASO by grower groups located in the southwest of Burkina Faso.

AGRIFASO guarantees buying the hibiscus produced by the contract grower groups thereby assuring them a secure income on a long term basis.

AGRIFASO sets high quality standards which begin with the cultivation of Hibiscus. Training is provided by AGRIFASO’s own agricultural technicians who also monitor and supervise the agricultural production.

AGRIFASO guarantees traceability from the field to export. Contract farming with the grower groups assures that AGRIFASO buys directly from the small farmers and not from an intermediary or from the retail market.

AGRIFASO assures the quality demanded by its customers by doing all processing in its own processing unit. Drying, cleaning and quality selection are carried out according to the strict criteria and high standards set by AGRIFASO.